The Rainbow Design Education provides opportunities to suit all abilities and there is no assumed knowledge. The activities are age-appropriate, there is no grading, just fun and informative lessons to stretch imaginations and learn new skills. Kids also explore creativity at their best. Drawings on different topics enjoyed by kids in online classes. We prepare them for Elementary & Intermediate Gov. drawing exams.

Join pencil portrait class to become an professional pencil artist. Learn to draw different faces, expressions & shades.

Course Content:

  • Different Face Shapes. 
  • Different Hair Styles. 
  • Facial Expressions.
  • Body Poses Using Rapid Sketch.
  • Dressing Styles.
  • Half Body Detailing.
  • Three Complete Pencil Portrait Of Your Choice.
  • One Portrait Using Charcoal Pencil On Grey Paper.

Who can Join ?

Of Any Age, One who loves art, even don’t have any exposure to art or drawing before.

We conduct live online drawing classes for different age groups on the Google Meet app. 100+ Students join daily & enjoying our Art Classroom from all over the world. Teach different media, like crayons, colored sketch pens, colored pencils, watercolor, poster color, and pencil sketching according to age groups. 


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Hardik Solanki
Hardik Solanki
November 4, 2023
Very good place to learn painting and art. Sneha ma’am is very professional and talented.
Vishal Data
Vishal Data
November 4, 2023
Amazing place, excellent teachers. Very beautiful place to learn.
Chinkit Modi
Chinkit Modi
November 3, 2023
Best drawing class and teachers in Pimple Saudagar
anita sugur
anita sugur
October 27, 2023
My both kids love drawing. I enrolled them in Rainbow design class. the colouring skill and Drawing pattern improved lot. day by day the drawing comes fantastic.This is one of the best drawing class for all age categories.